Lillehammer follows the story of Frankie “The Fixer” Tagliano, a member of the New York Mafia who decides to make a change and go to Lillehammer.

After the death of Mob boss Sally Boy Delucci, Franks strong dislike for the new boss Aldo Delucci puts them in a disagreement. Shortly after, Aldo puts out a hit on The Fixer. After surviving the hit Tagliano decides to take the FBI up on their offer. Dish out the dirt on Aldo and go into protective services. Frank  can relocate to anywhere in the world, when asked where he wants to go he says  Lillehammer, Norway. Naturally he chooses the location of the 1994 winter olympics.

Once in Lillehammer Frank is given his new identity as Giovanni Henrikson, Italian but Norwegian on his father side, just because his name has changed doesn’t mean that Frankie isn’t still the Fixer. After witnessing Norwegian hooligans harassing an elderly gentleman, Giovanni gives him a talking to, mob style. This is just the first of many scenarios where the citizens of Lillehammer appreciate Giovanni’s initiative and turn a blind eye to the behind the scenes of his actions.


Introduction of Notable Characters

Frank Tagliano played by Steven Van Zandt is a precocious newcomer to his Lillehammer life. He does his best to assimilate into Norwegian society, but his american notions and attitudes leave him with much to be desired. As he constantly looks to upgrade himself to bigger and better things. From his new condo to his newly found position as nightclub owner Frank collects a  lively group of followers and associates that help him spread his wings and flourish.

Sigrid Haugli, is the beautiful blond we initially meet on the train. Marian Saastad Ottesen plays a single mother with a strong personality. She always does what she feels is best for her and her son and it is quite the roller coaster that they ride. Though she does have her moments where she could be a little more perceptive of what is happening around her, how could we really blame her for not seeing what is so close to her face. Love blinds us all, and Sigrid is swimming through loves waters.

The Lien Brothers: Torgeir and Roar are a dynamic duo who more often than not lead themselves into their own demises. Torgeir, the more dominant of the brothers, is always looking out for his brother Roar and wants what is best for both of them. Though Torgeir (Trond Fausa) lacks confidence at first, he gradually gains more confidence and respect for himself as the store . Roar on the other hand is always getting himself in trouble. No matter how big or how little of a job, he always seems to find a way to fudge it. The big lug that is Roar (Steinar Sagen) eventually redeems himself in the eyes of brother and in the eyes of the view.  Roar has a long way to go, but he has definitely won a special place in viewers hearts.

Kyrre Hellum plays a very eccentric police officer name Geir Tvedt. Also known and Geir Elvis, the nightclub singer. Geir finds himself falling down a rabbit hole in search for the truth. He wants to know who and what Giovanni Henrickson (AKA Frank Tagliano) is really doing here.

Laila Hovland is the chief of police and is played by Anne Krigsvoll. She is very upbeat and happy with her life and role as a police officer. She happens to also be Frank’s new neighbour. Meeting over the discovered head of a sheep that is her dinner, Frank knows right away he must distance himself from her radar if he hopes to build the life he desires.

Jan Johansen is a bit of an odd ball. Though he is very enthusiastic about his role as a community service worker he finds himself getting in more sticky situations that he would ever have liked. Fridtjov Såheim does a very good job at making you feel what Jan feels. There are a lot of ups and downs and OMG when it comes to Jan. Jan’s main role is to help assimilate the new Norwegian immigrants into natural day to day society. From helping them obtain a new job, to getting to know the country and its culture and even mixers Jan has his hands in it all.



To conclude this review, if you are looking for a new off beat show to add to your television repertoire I highly recommend Lillehammer. From sitcom to comedy to action, the show is full of ups and downs and not to mention a couple curve balls. You can’t help but fall in love, and feel for the characters, as they grow and adjust to their new style of living. I must warn you, the series is binge worthy and things happen gradually, but always relate back. Every action has a cause and a consequence and no one knows it better then Johnny 😉


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