Robin Hood Men In Tights

Robin Hood is a tale that has been told for ages. There is just something about the hero stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor that has always won the hearts of the audience. Robin Hood Men in Tights is by no means any less captivating. Based off the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, this comical rendition stars Princess Brides own Cary Elwes and the beautiful Amy Yasbeck as their Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Being a spoof from beginning to end, this comedy will have you laughing and bouncing in your seat. I personally watched Robin Hood Men in TIghts before Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, and I think I still prefer the spoof over the dramatic. Not knowing that it was a spoof I was watching, I found Cary Elwes and Amy Yasbeck hilarious and full of life. You could tell right from the beginning they were in love and made for each other. Filled with comical songs and jests, Robin Hood Men in Tights is light and funny and follows the story of the Prince of Thieves almost to a T.


As previously mentioned, I did see the Prince of Thieves after I watched Men in Tights. This being said, I couldn’t stand Kevin Costner throughout the movie. I found him cocky and arrogant and very off putting. This could be because I was used to the suave, cunning, and comedic traits portrayed by Cary Elwes.

In this version of Robin Hood, Robin must fight off the foes of good King Richard and save the maid Marian from becoming the dreaded Sheriff of Rottingham’s wife. Being a spoof of the Prince of Thieves movie, there are quite a few pokes and prods done at the expense of the original. For instance sheriff Rottingham looks almost exactly like Alan Rickman, they also did the same for maid Marian making her look like Marian Dubois.

There are quite a few running jokes that go on through the movie, such as Marian’s chastity belt. It’s an everlast you see and rust proof 😉 Marian’s chastity belt is one of the jokes I like best (Next to the opening credits) being referred to multiple times, it brings comedic relief to the situations and also brings funny questions to one’s mind about the garment itself. Back to the opening credits, showing arrows a blaze and flying through the air, the credits flame and trumpets blare. The villagers start an uproar as their thatch roofs catch fire, running back and forth, all together they exclaim “Leave us alone Mel Brooks!”. I believe this part is one of my favourites throughout the whole film. That and the end when Patrick Stewart makes his debut.



Of course, it wouldn’t be a Robin Hood movie if there wasn’t an archery contest. In this sequence of events, the sheriff of Rottingham and the Prince John hire Don Giovanni to help them defeat Robin. During the scene with Don Giovanni there are many Godfather References made as well as the classic reference to On the Waterfront “I could have been a contender”. Just after this scene, one of the Don’s henchmen is seen holding a small gun like object from the arrow slit in the tower. I love this little crossbow the props department made up. I haven’t found a photo yet, but the little device is simply marvelous.


Broomhilde is maid Marian’s german handmaid. Big and boisterous and full of hilarity, her prerogative is to care for Marian and makes sure that she goes maiden to her wedding. Broomhilde is especially funny when she is separating Robin and Marian from each other. She also has a horse named Farfelkugel

robin-hood-men-in-tights-pics-585-image_gallery_1989_robin-hood-men-in-tights_480x480 (1)

Mel Brooks himself also makes an appearance as a Rabbi Tuckman. The precocious little rabbi goes town to town in search for those who desire a circumcision, by means of miniature guillotine. Mel Brooks is plump, red faced and always laughing. He brings his good mood with him and always brings comedic relief to a heavy situation. He also plays a pretty big part towards the end of the movie, but you will have to watch it to find out happens!


The last character I want to talk about is Lotrine. In the Prince of Thieves movie, Lotrine is Morticia, and instead of being in love with the sheriff of Rottingham, Morticia is the sheriff’s mother. Though both are some form of which, they are portrayed very differently. Lotrine is obsessively in love with the sheriff and will do anything she can to get close to him. Magical and grotesque Latrine is the one character who doesn’t take a side persey in the clash of kings. Whether King Richard or his brother Prince John is to rule matters not. All the matters to Latrine is the day when she can hold her love in her arms and never let him go.


If you are looking for a light comedy, with a couple songs and a rap you have to give Robin Hood Men in Tights a try. It’s funny, riske, and full of quotable moments you are not likely to forget! Running for only 1 hour and 36 minutes this movie is sure to brighten a gloomy day, or bring hilarity to an evening after work!



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