About Me

Audrey_Hepburn_smokes I am a young designer trying to find my style and voice. I have a passion for TV/Film and costume design. Growing up around Toronto inspired me with numerous glamorous movies/TV shows being filmed in the surrounding area, theatre shows coming in for a limited time run and the biggest international stores to window shop in. I found fashion and film wherever I could. My brother always wanted to go to the Royal Ontario Museum or the Science Centre – They were ok. When I was asked what I wanted to do when we went downtown Toronto I found I was pulled towards the art galleries, Bata shoe museum and shops.

I fell in love early with Audrey Hepburn. I have seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s more time than I can count. I adore her style of class with attitude. Yet I find myself drawn to the rugged/nerd actions stars as well. Harrison Ford is one of my heroes and I don’t even know if I could pick my favourite character. I should probably admit that I am a brown coat at heart and love Mr. Nathan Fillon as well.

My love of theatre was sparked early as well. I tackled acting lessons and gymnastics when I was young and took drama class in high school whenever it was offered. I have seen Wicked twice live and We Will Rock You. I love Hairspray! but have never seen it live. One Day. Wicked was amazing to see what can truly be done with costumes and fashion to set a scene in a different world. The extreme styles of Hairspray have intrigued me for so long. How do they get hair to do that? So I took the leap and went to College. I studied Fashion Arts where I excelled and graduated with honours.

I have a lot of knowledge but I feel my journey to expand my technical skills starts now. I want to learn to sew and build costumes, analyze costume styles in my favourite films, and maybe one day even some cosplay. This blog is just going to be a collection/scrapbook of my thoughts on style, perhaps a project portfolio, and lessons I learn along the journey as I expand my hobby – Maybe one day I can take it to the next level. Enjoy!